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Become a Personal Assistant

A new role in social care is that of a personal
assistant, who works with someone to provide
whatever practical support they need to help them
live independently... Interested in becoming an Adult Social Care Personal Assistant?

Become a Shared Lives Carer

Being a Shared Lives carer is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. You have the chance of giving something while you gain the satisfaction from seeing a person develop through their relationship with you. Shared Lives carers come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences... Interested is becoming a Shared Lives Carer?

New Qualifications (Qualifications & Credit Framework - QCF)

New Qualifications (Qualifications and Credit Framework - QCF)

In January 2011 NVQs were replaced with new Diplomas and smaller Awards and Certificates for continued professional development.

The new qualifications replace the previous NVQs and VRQs and offer a new way of recognising skills and qualifications. They do this by awarding credit for qualifications and units (small steps of learning). They enable people to gain qualifications at their own pace along flexible routes.

Workers who have already undertaken relevant NVQs have got legitimate qualifications that demonstrate competency. These qualifications will continue to be recognised now that the new qualifications are in place, but they are not available for new registrations.

The new qualifications provide a flexible, 'mix and match' approach to meeting the different development needs of the workforce.

Every unit and qualification has both a credit value and a level:
  • one credit represents 10 hours of average learning time and so the credit value shows approximately how much time it takes to complete. This will be different for each learner.
  • the level shows how difficult the unit or qualification is (this can be anywhere between entry level and level 8) our sector now has vocational qualifications/units from level 1 through to level 7.

There are now three sizes of qualification:
  • Award (1-12 credits)
  • Certificate (13-36 credits)
  • Diploma (above 36 credits) - not linked to the 14-19 Diploma.

    The type of qualification (award, certificate or diploma) therefore shows its size and not how difficult it is, For example: there could be Awards available at level 1 or level 8.
What's happening in Bury?

Bury Adult Care Services' Workforce Development Team are currently working alongside Managers to develop qualification pathways specific to each individual job role across the service.

Whilst still giving the learner some choice and freedom as to which units they undertake, it will allow us to ensure qualifications remain specific to the learners role and to the needs of the customers that they support, thus ensuring a suitably trained and qualified workforce.

For further information please access the documents below, or feel free to contact the Workforce Development Team:


An Introduction to the QCF: Bury Adult Care Services

QCF The Basics: SFC Presentation

New Qualifications: SFC Presentation

New Qualifications: SFC Leaflet

LD Qualifications: SFC Leaflet

Benefits of Qualifications: SFC Leaflet

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