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Latest Adult Social Care Jobs

Become a Personal Assistant

A new role in social care is that of a personal
assistant, who works with someone to provide
whatever practical support they need to help them
live independently... Interested in becoming an Adult Social Care Personal Assistant?

Become a Shared Lives Carer

Being a Shared Lives carer is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. You have the chance of giving something while you gain the satisfaction from seeing a person develop through their relationship with you. Shared Lives carers come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences... Interested is becoming a Shared Lives Carer?


Unfortunately, Adult Care Services within Bury Council is highly under-represented by males in the workforce. A project was launched last year to try and identify and address some of the elements that are preventing males from applying for posts with us. Males play a vital role in our services in supporting, advising, enabling and enriching the lives of our service users. Some of the male staff we do have working for us have kindly provided us with information in respect of their experiences, and the benefits they see from the roles they undertake. It is to be noted that a lot of the males we do employ, ended up working in care following redundancy or deciding to have a career change, so remember, it is never too late to make a change! If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact Fiona Hayward, Senior HR Officer, on 0161 253 7388.
Izaak Martin
(Day Care Assistant, William Kemp Heaton Day Centre)

What attracted you to working in this role?
I have worked in this field for a long time, and was attracted to this role due to the positive impact it has on people’s lives. The work is never boring and is often great fun. The best bits of the job include supporting people in the community and supporting them to take part in community activities.

What advice would you give to someone looking for opportunities in this area of work?
It is not essential for you to have experience in care work to undertake the role. Life experiences and life skills are just as important.

Simon Wood
(Day Service Officer, Outreach)

What attracted you to working in this role?
I enjoy the community based nature of my role and this appealed to me when I applied for the position. I have the opportunities to help people develop their skills and increase their independence. I really enjoy seeing people develop their skills and use them to enhance the quality of their life. I work with some wonderful human beings, service users and colleagues.

Geoff Wigley
Support Worker (Learning Disability Support Team)

What attracted you to working in this role?
I have a caring nature. Prior to taking this role with LDST I was working for an Agency, and prior to that I was a Sales man. I wanted a change. I wanted to do something that wasn’t profit orientated.

What are the best bits about your job?
I have really good job satisfaction and there is less pressure. There is no pressure for results and this role is not profit orientated. Everyone in the service really cares for the people we look after. Every person matters. My caring nature lent well to this role. It is good to work with different people. The Service Users enjoy us taking them out on walks, listening to music. It is good to help people to lead a better life. I have achieved the Learning Disabilities Award Framework; this helped me to get a better insight. I get great support from the Seniors and other support workers.

What are the worst bits about you job?
There is no guaranteed work as I work on the casual care pool. Sometimes I feel it would be better to work with just one service user as I feel you could do more for one person. This type of work can be isolating as you are working alone with Service Users in their own homes. It is also a very responsible job. Sometimes it can be hard – some Service Users have limited speech or profound needs which can be difficult.

What advice would you give to someone looking for opportunities in this area of work?
Read as much as you can. Read abound Learning Disabilities to help you understand issues like challenging behaviour and different types of needs. Service Users can be totally dependent on you. Also, be prepared to be away from home and therefore live out of a bag – part of the job involves sleeping at someone else’s house.

What opportunities do you think Bury MBC provides that you cannot get elsewhere?
There are great training opportunities. Agencies emphasis is on the profit not the person which makes working for Bury more rewarding.

Shared Lives Scheme

Shared Lives Carer & Customer Testimonial
Tom is 76 years old and has recently started using our scheme which is being supported by David, one of the Shared Lives Carers. Tom lives on his own after recently losing his wife and is registered blind; he had become quite isolated and was spending long periods of time on his own at home.

David is 59 years old and has been a Shared Lives Carer for eight years. He has recently retired after completing 25 years service for Oldham Council as a Community Vocational Worker.

After a social work assessment a referral was made to our scheme for day support, one session per week to allow Tom to go out of his home environment and take part in activities of his choosing, such as walking or going to the local shops, which he used to enjoy when his wife was alive and she acted as his 'eyes'. David also supports Tom with other hobbies that he has been unable to do, such as gardening, an interest that they both share.

Tom and David initially had an introduction to find out if they were a suitable match for each other. They appeared to hit if off straight away and arranged to have their first session the next week. They picked a day and time that was suitable for both of them and decided that this could be changed if needed.

The aim of the sessions is to lift Thomas' mood, reduce risks to his mental health and emotional wellbeing, reduce his social isolation, reduce anxiety levels through social inclusion, give him some control over his immediate environment and also ensure his safety and well-being whilst going out of the house. A large part of David’s role is to also help to increase Thomas' motivation and give him back his quality of life that has disappeared since his wife died. The service acts as a real alternative to traditional day care, which due to Thomas' presenting needs and current anxiety levels, the social worker did not feel would be appropriate.


Why I am a Re-ablement Co-ordinator?

Being a Co-ordinator is a very worthwhile job.

I worked in homecare when I first started working for the council.

I was very excited when I knew we were going into Reablement as I think that these days more and more people want to stay in their own homes. It is my job to go out to assess these people and find out what they will need. The people we meet have either been in hospital or lost some of their skills, and need to be taught them again, or they have had a fall, or bereavement, or are generally struggling with living on their own at the moment and need some support, and encouragement to get them back to doing what they can do.

The only way that I can put this is, on one of my very first customers that I went to, was a lovely couple, who his wife had, had a stoke and had been in hospital for a while, she had, already had input from the occupational therapist and the speech therapist and was able to return home for the Reablement Team to take over.

I went out and took one of the Reablement workers with me. On going in and meeting this couple it was plain to see that they were both quite frightened and felt isolated and scared. I sat with them and went through all what the reablement team were about and what we would be doing. I explained that my staff would be coming on four times a day and that I would come out and visit them weekly to see how things were progressing. I explained to the husband that he was not alone and that the staff were also there to support him as he wanted to be involved with her reablement progress, and any concerns he could get the staff to contact me and I would come out and see him.

During the course of their progress it was so invigorating and pleasing to see this lady progress form not being able to walk on her own and do her own personal care and daily living skills that she could not do. This lady was unable to get out of bed unsupported wash herself and get in and out of her chair. She eventually progressed to going into the kitchen and also help her husband make a cup of tea and peel the potatoes.

Following the review, it was wonderful to see this lovely couple become whole again, happy and smiling I was so pleased and fulfilled I felt that myself and the team had given them their lives back.

This couples parting words to me was. When I brought my wife home, we were so scared and lonely, after being in hospital and having the support of the hospital staff and O/T and speech therapist, then going home was so frightening. Then an hour after we got home there was a knock on my door and to us you were like Angels, appearing out of nowhere. You have made us feel complete again and I can never thank you enough.

This is why I love my job and want Reablement to continue for years to come. It is a fulfilling and worthwhile job.

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