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Become a Personal Assistant

A new role in social care is that of a personal
assistant, who works with someone to provide
whatever practical support they need to help them
live independently... Interested in becoming an Adult Social Care Personal Assistant?

Become a Shared Lives Carer

Being a Shared Lives carer is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. You have the chance of giving something while you gain the satisfaction from seeing a person develop through their relationship with you. Shared Lives carers come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences... Interested is becoming a Shared Lives Carer?

Development and Training for Personal Assistants

Supporting your Personal Assistant’s Future

The benefits of encouraging training

Making your personal assistant feel welcome from the start will encourage them to stay with you. Investing in their future will also benefit you too and may lead to greater commitment.

Training your personal assistant and regularly reviewing them does not mean that your employee will disappear using this investment of time and training to find work elsewhere. It could actually ensure that they stay with you because they feel up skilled, safe and with a potential career pathway for the future should they wish to remain in social care if their employment with you comes to an end.

As an employer your life might be enhanced in all sorts of ways by the skills that a personal assistant with the correct training and confidence can bring to their role.

It is advisable to ensure that your personal assistant has some mandatory training such as health and safety, moving and handling food hygiene and first aid. It is worth remembering that if they have an accident whilst lifting you then you could be without your member of staff for some time. They may also take legal action against you for not protecting them whilst in your employment. Accidents can always happen but training can prevent some from occurring and so it is advisable that you consider allowing your Personal Assistant to attend training sessions to protect both them and you.

Many types of training can be sourced locally, some of it facilitated by community user led and voluntary groups, some by family and friends, and some would need to be accessed by training companies or by Bury Council.
Much of this training is completely free. This is even true of much of the more ‘formal’ training provided by training providers. The only financial cost to you as an employer is that you would need to invest in the cover you would require whilst your personal assistant is away from their normal duties. It is worth remembering that some training might be so beneficial to your personal assistant that they may even be prepared to attend it in their none working hours.

Examples of  training available locally which is provided by Bury Council Adult Care Services is listed below
  • Safeguarding Adults Awareness -A course which looks at how to protect vulnerable adults against abuse by others.      ½ day
  • Mental Capacity Act -The Mental Capacity Act came into force in October 2007. It protects people who cannot make decisions for themselves due to a learning disability or a mental health condition, or for any other reason. It provides clear guidelines for carers such as personal assistants and professionals about who can take decisions in which situations.
  • Level 2 Health & Safety in Health & Social Care (hygiene/Infection control) Enables your Personal Assistant knows how to best protect you against infection/illness.      1 day
  • Level 2 Food Safety Enables your Personal Assistant to know the food safety risks so that you do not become ill due to their food preparation.     1 day
  • Moving and Handling People - All moving and handling courses are designed to give guidance on the best ways to move and handle people or objects so to avoid risk of injury.     1 day
  • Moving and Handling Kinetic (None People) ● 2 hour
  • Principles of good record keeping (person centred care / Care Planning) Helps your personal assistant to understand the importance of keeping good records and keeping to your care plan.   1 day
  • Medicines Level 2 - service specific/generic route
  • Emergency First Aid at Work  - Enables your personal assistant to know what to do if you had an accident or are taken ill in their care. ● 1 day

If you have any queries about the suitability of this Bury Council arranged training or would like your personal assistant to participate in it please contact the Workforce Development Team who will be able to provide you with the relevant details of how to book places on these training sessions:

D&         or  Telephone:   0161 253 6781 / 5020 / 6151

You may decide you wish to access training by other training providers who you can contact via the internet. You may have very specific needs due to a particular health condition which can only be met by allowing your personal assistant to undergo specialist training. There may be a cost for this specialist training and if you wish your personal assistant to receive such training it would be beneficial for you to speak to your Social Worker who may be able to incorporate this specialist training cost at the assessment stage when planning your personal budget.

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