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Career Pathway - Director

NAME: Pat Jones-Greenhalgh

CURRENT JOB: Executive Director Adult Social Care

CAREER TO DATE: 37 years working in social care including the following roles:

2006 – to date Executive Director, Adult Services

2002–2006 Assistant Director

2001-2002 Chief Social Services Officer (Acting)

2000-2001 Head of Older People Services

2000-2001 Head of Strategy and Planning

1997-2000 Service Manager, Assessment and Care Management

1994-1997 Area Manager, Adult Services

1990-1994 Training and Staff Development Officer

1986-1990 Residential and Day Service Manager

1982-1986 Officer in Charge

1978 – 1982 Deputy Officer In Charge

1978 – 1978 3rd Officer

1973 – 1978 Care Assistant

I have worked in care for many years. I started out at Killelea House as a Care Assistant in 1973 and have then moved across a range of roles over the years. I undertook the CSS in 1985 (now the Degree in Social Work) and then followed this with an MSc in Management.

I have found that trying to progress when I was comparably young was a challenge. People often felt that i was not old enough to progress to more senior positions and that I could not have enough experience. I had to fight for opportunities to prove that I could do the job. I think things have changed significantly on that front now and I am proud to have a culture within the organisation where experience and age are not seen as the same thing. If someone is capable of progressing then their age should not come into it.

I've also found it a challenge to balance my family life with work. It is possible but you have got to work at it.

I can honestly say that in all of my time in social care and whatever position I've held my passion has never waned. I love doing what I do and I see every day as an opportunity to do something which will improve people's lives.

My mother and father were very inspirational. They always believed we were capable of anything and they instilled that belief in us.

Also my first manager. They instilled high standards of practice in me.

I also think that everything you come across can become an inspiration - either because you aspire to it or because it makes you realise that you could improve a situation. I've always maintained high values and used these to challenge poor practice or areas which could be improved. I've never been afraid to raise these as I see it as my responsibility, and I would encourage staff who work in social care to take this responsibility and make a difference.

I believe that managing people is one of the best jobs you can have because you get the opportunity to see people grow and develop to their full potential. It is a real privilege.

I've always set myself goals of where I want to be. Wherever I've been I've always thought 'What next?' and that doesn't mean moving between organisations alot - I'm proof of that as most of my career has been in Bury Council.

I've always been proactive in wanting to test out my skills and abilities. I like to push myself to try new things and to test out what I am capable of dealing with.

I also think it is really important to be very self aware and to take time to reflect on the impact you have on people and how other people see you. It's really important that you understand yourself and how you interact with others.

Expose yourself to different parts of the business. Social Care leaders of the future will need to understand the whole of their organisation and be capable of running a business. Use any opportunities you come across to challenge yourself, to take on different roles and to use and develop different skills. Set yourself goals of what you want to achieve and by when and then think about how you're going to get there. Don't ever think you can't do something - push yourself out of the comfort zone.

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